The death of traditional radio is upon us.

The Fact Is, Internet Radio Is Kicking FM Radio’s Ass. The Place To Be Is Online

[L]anding on a traditional FM radio station’s playlist can be a very difficult proposition for an emerging artist. There are musicians from all corners of the world, seeking spins on the radio.

The precious exposure can help drive sales, increase performance attendance and deliver positive results for an artist’s brand.

However, thanks to the growth of Internet radio, traditional FM/AM radio stations are becoming more and more irrelevant.

Listen to the results of” The Infinite Dial 2015.” It just may have the information you’ve been seeking to penetrate Internet radio.

The massive increase is being fueled by smartphones according to “The Infinite Dial 2015,” a nationwide study conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital.

Over 71% of the thousands of people questioned for the survey (seven in 10), owned a smartphone. Most of the respondents (57%) agreed that the technology had a positive impact on their lives.

That includes listening to Internet radio, with 53% of the population age 12 and older tuning in to listen to music or podcasts.

The popular services like Pandora (54%), iHeartRadio (11%), Spotify (10%), and iTunes Radio (8%) garner hundreds of millions of listeners each month.

Last year, the Internet radio advertising market raked in around $2 billion, and that number is expected to rise drastically over the next ten years.

“Perhaps the most significant finding from this year’s report is the change in frequency of use for streaming audio,” said John Rosso, President, Market Development, Triton Digital. “For years Americans have been occasional listeners but for the first time it’s apparent that streaming audio has become an ingrained part of our lives as the number of Americans listening weekly is now 44%. This is a huge opportunity for publishers and marketers to better identify and target their listeners to maximize ad-based revenue.”

While traditional FM/AM radio currently commands the in-car market, the medium’s market share is rapidly declining. In two years, the business for Internet radio in cars has doubled.

Here are key conclusions from “The Infinite Dial 2015” report and everything required to create that successful marketing plan.