Hillary Clinton

May 19, 2017

Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next Big Politician To Get Played Out On A College Campus

Hillary Clinton is about to feel the pain next month, when she visits Medgar Evers College...

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Mar 27, 2016

Who Has The Tightest Presidential Logo?

If done correctly, a logo conveys the underlying message or core them of business, or brand. Each one of the four contenders still fighting for the Presidential nomination of their respective parties crafted strong, bold logos. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the frontrunners for the Democrats and Republicans. Picking a logo for their campaigns was no simple task.

Dec 8, 2015

Entertainment: Politics as Usual?

Donald Trump upped his aggression against Islam, saying all Muslims should immediately be banned from entering the country - even if they are US citizens. This, of course, would be seriously damaging to the Hip-Hop industry. Popular rappers like Ice Cube, French Montana, Lupe Fiasco and Freeway are all acknowledged practitioners of the faith.

Oct 20, 2015

Should You Go To College? Well NOT Going Could Cost You About $1 Million Big Ones

Going to college just to end up tens-of-thousands of dollars in debt without a job waiting when you graduate, doesn’t seem like a good choice. Keyword: "seem."

Oct 15, 2015

Scholars on the Democratic Debate: Hillary Wins, Bernie Hits a Nerve

It looks like Hillary "trumped" Bernie Sanders during Tuesday's Democratic Debate. One thing is for sure, they all raised a lot of money.