Jun 21, 2017

#WCW Sachia Vickery: How Shootouts Helped Tennis Wiz Shoot To The Top

Sachia's mom witnessed shootings and random acts of violence on a regular basis, just to push her daughter forward...

Jun 1, 2017

Watching Porn and Fapping Can Hinder Your Real Life Pimpin’ Game According to Doctors

If you're not careful, watching too much porn will hinder your pimpin’ game in real life.

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May 22, 2017

What We Think About: Machine Gun Kelly’s “bloom”

Machine Gun Kelly dropped his new album bloom. Check out this in depth review...

May 18, 2017

Forget Frats…These Hip-Hop Cyphers Give Students A Way To Be Included Without Being Killed

Instead of being beaten, assaulted, humiliated and killed in some cases, these students have opted to find diversity and inclusion through another route – hip-hop culture...

May 14, 2017

How To Show Your Mom Love Like A Rapper On Mother’s Day

These Rappers Either Love Their Mom or Are At War With Them

May 9, 2017

Here Is Why Kylie and Tyga Should Not Even Be Friends

Once two people consent to have a relationship that is based on passion and love, going back to "friend zone" may no longer be in the cards.

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May 3, 2017

The Blowjob Robot: The Ultimate In “Brain Science” Is Here

Thanks to some new technology, you can drain your balls anytime you want...

Apr 17, 2017

Racism: Is It Ruining The World of Online Dating?

Is who you choose to love really a political choice after all?

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Apr 7, 2016

Woman Makes Business Out Of Men’s Lust For Kim Kardashian

The thirst for Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian is real. The demand for Kim is so undeniable that there are imposters, wannabe's and even look-alikes. One woman, in particular, took advantage of her similarities to Kim Kardashian West and managed to cash in last year.

Feb 17, 2016

Tips To Find Love At Work and Not Screw Yourself Out of A Job

In the corporate business world, one of the most and risky things you can do is date a coworker. Since these relationships are happening, you might as well have concrete information about how to do it best, since you are risking your job (cash) in a quest for love (ass).

Feb 12, 2016

Cruel Memes To Remind You You’re Lonely This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is upon us and it's on a Sunday this year, which means it's going to be a long, lonely weekend for some people. This post won't help you, lol!

Feb 6, 2016

Super Bowl 50: It’s All About Beer and Girls

Super Bowl 50 is here. You know what it really comes down to? Women and beer. No really, those are the stats!!

Feb 3, 2016

Tuition Too High? Become A Sugar Baby And Earn Some Cash

Paying for college and the costs associated with obtaining a degree can be quite expensive. Sugar Baby University is a website aimed at finding sugar daddies and sugar mamas who are looking to provide some financial aid for companionship...

Jan 25, 2016

These Are The States To Find Casual Sex and Virgins

Dating site OKCupid recently released some statistics detailing various aspects of their users sexual behavior, and the data could be a windfall for your research into how to cure your sexual frustration. The most important information the survey revealed were two key findings: what states had the most people looking for casual sex and what state had the most virgins.

Jan 20, 2016

Things Your Girl Thinks About When Giving Brain

Let's be real. Getting some head is one of the great joys of life, as any man will tell you. Plus, it's very easy to forget the stress of the day when your girl has your cock in her mouth. However, here's a question, hope it's not boner kill.

Jan 12, 2016

Lesbians Win, But Step-Moms and Black Teens Gain: How The World Fapped To Porn In 2015

The world sure is horny according to data. just released about its viewers habits while fapping to porn, delivering a total of 21.2 billion visits to the X-rated site last year. The site streamed a massive 75GB of data a second. To put that in perspective, it would take 175 million 16GB iPhones to store it all.

Dec 3, 2015

The Players Court With Original Mr. White Folks

The Original Mr. White Folks presides over "The Players Court" in this clip...

Nov 28, 2015

CEO Reed Hastings Talks Netflix and Chilling Now and in the Future

What' the future of Netflix? Who cares. What's the future of "Netflix and Chill" is what everyone really wants to now. LOL!

Nov 24, 2015

Sexy Time in Space with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

We love Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and not just cause he loves Hip-Hop too. He's not afraid to get "dirty" and delve into topics like Sex in space!

Nov 17, 2015

Great Sex Can Be On Tap For Everyone “24/7” With Teledildonics and Robots

A new age of sex with teledildonics is upon us. What exactly are they? To put it simply, they are computer-controlled touch sensitive sex devices. When you move your partner feels it in real time.

Nov 9, 2015

Dildos, Masturbation and BDSM…It’s Sex Week At Harvard!

This week, students at Harvard will have one thing on their mind – sex. Students at Harvard created the campus-wide event to explore love, sex, sexuality, gender identity, and relationships.

Oct 27, 2015

Professor Pimpin’ Ken: Transferring Your Desire for Sex Into Desires For Goals

Professor Pimpin' Ken: Transferring Your Desire for Sex Into Desires For Goals

Oct 7, 2015

PEEPLE App Launching in November Will Rate You Based on Other Peoples Opinions

PEEPLE App Launching in November Will Rate You Based on Other Peoples Opinions

Oct 1, 2015

Tinder and Grindr: Digital Bathhouses That Spread STDs?

"In many ways, location-based mobile dating apps are becoming a digital bathhouse for millennials wherein the next sexual encounter can literally just be a few feet away—as well as the next STD..."

Sep 30, 2015

Awkward With The Ladies? Don’t Sweat it…Former Pimp Rosebudd Offering Male Confidence Courses

Lack confidence? Well Rosebudd is an expert in "The World's Oldest Profession." He's put together a course on the matter.

Sep 28, 2015

“Netflix and Chill…” Is It Here To Stay Or Just A Corny Pick Up Line?

At this point, it is pretty much known that the saying "Netflix and chill" is just another way to say you want to hook up. For an older generation, this practice was known as taking your date out for "dinner and a movie."

Sep 1, 2015

What Colleges Have The Sexiest Students? Tinder Solves The Mystery

Popular dating app Tinder recently released some proprietary data that could be the most important when deciding what college to attend - who has the hottest students on campus.

Aug 26, 2015

What Has Tennis Star Serena Williams Sprung For Drake? His Mean Left Hand

According to Serena, they share a mutual interest in tennis, which was a sport that Drake played when he was a teenager. The passion has continued into his adulthood. His 3-acre, 12,500 square-foot in Hidden Hills has a tennis court where he presumably practices sometimes.

Jul 29, 2015

Could Meek Mill’s Twitter War With Drake Impact His Relationship With Nicki Minaj?

The fact that Meek Mill frequently utilizes Twitter to voice his opinion to almost 5,000,000 followers, could be, or eventually cause a strain in his relationship with Nicki Minaj. According to stats released by Pew Research, technology is wreaking havoc in a significant amount of users' lives!

Jun 21, 2015

Machine Gun Kelly Discusses His Father, Family and Solving Problems

Machine Gun Kelly gets real about his father, his family and how to solve complicated problems in life!!

Jun 19, 2015

Adrien Broner And Shawn Porter Discuss Fathers Day; Floyd Rakes In More Loot

Fans of boxing are often born into a longstanding love for the sport that is passed on from generation to generation as fathers share the tradition of watching boxing at home with their families. Check out what Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter had to say about their dads, before they meet in the ring!

Jun 1, 2015

TRUST The Numbers: You’ll Regret That D**k Pic

Stop sending those naked pics of yourself!!!