Young Buck’s Pee Won’t Even Matter, Thanks To New Drug Test

[G]-Unit rapper Young Buck could be heading back to prison, thanks to a failed drug test. Young Buck served 18 months in prison and is on probation for weapons violations. As part of his probation, the rapper must stay away from drugs and liquor.

According to reports, Buck peed clean 20 times.

But a blunt smoking session with Snoop Dogg was apparently the reason Buck attempted to use someone else’s pee during a visit to probation authorities. What Buck did is not uncommon. Every day around the country, thousands of people use fake pee tests in order to secure jobs, or stay their asses out of jail. Employers, as well as the cops are acutely aware of this. And a new technology hopes to stop people from “bucking the system.”

FYI: Young Buck laughed at the reports of his adventures with his P.O. in a since deleted post on Twitter:


A new way to test recent cocaine use comes preloaded in each of the world’s seven billion inhabitants. By analyzing data from the chemical secreted in a single fingerprint, scientists from the University of Surrey have found a way to measure a person’s history with the drug without any potential for foul play. Results from the…


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