Does LeBron’s Confidence Come From His New Hair?… YES!

[L]eBron James is certain about The Cleveland Cavaliers and their chances for a Championship ring, despite being down 3-2 against The Golden State Warriors. “I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world. It’s simple,” LeBron told reporters after a Game 5, 104-91 loss to The Warriors.

Despite losing, LeBron has put up major numbers for the Cavaliers. In Game 5 alone, he poured in 40 points. Add 14 rebounds and 11 assists to his stats and it is easy to see where LeBron’s gets his courage.

But, when LeBron ran into a cameraman in Game that resulted in several stitches to close a nasty gash, a new conversation began to percolate. The cut on LeBron’s head has thrust the subject of his hairline back into the national spotlight.

Many fans have been wondering how LeBron has magically regrown his hair The basketball star’s receding hairline seems to have grown in considerably. It even has some waves in it. There’s no doubt LeBron’s new confidence and boasting have to do with the resurgence of his hair.

There are no chemicals involved, and LeBron is not a member of the Hair Club for Men.

Last August, LeBron snagged his own personal barber, Nick Castemanos. LeBron met his future miracle-worker through Dwayne Wade, who had recommended Castemanos to other NBA players. Castemanos discussed the challenges that come with a superstar like LeBron James and the importance of keeping his clients looking clean.

“LeBron is very tedious about how his hair is cut,” Castemanos told Yahoo Sports. “The beard is the No. 1 thing. He leaves the top up to me. I leave him less bald. He’s my guy.”

Castemanos has been so integral to LeBron James’ look, that he moved the barber out to Cleveland Ohio, from his hometown of West Kendall Florida. Just type in #LeBron in any of the social networks and it is easier to understand why his haircut is so important.

According to Dr. Robert T. Jones of Toronto Hair Transplant Center, 9 out of 10 men who are going bald say hair loss is their number one concern.

“This stat really reveals how damaging hair loss can be to a person’s confidence,” Dr. Jones said. “It’s easy for those who haven’t been personally affected by hair loss to see it as a trivial matter when compared to problems that are seemingly more serious. However, with so many men with hair loss citing it as their number 1 concern, it’s clear that it’s a big problem.”

This year’s NBA Finals are the most watched in the history of ABC, with over 20 million people tuning into Game 5. So, LeBron had his barber on deck for the two games the Cavaliers played against Golden State in San Francisco.

“He’s my hardest haircut. He has good hair. You have to cut it right,” Castemanos told Yahoo Sports. “He just has a few fat patches around the chin that you have to take your time with. You have to have patience. It usually takes about 50 minutes.”

LeBron and the Cav’s will return home one more time and try to avoid being eliminated from The 2015 NBA Finals in what is sure to be a “hair-raising” game.