Attorney For Shooting Victim Says Violence Follows Chris Brown…Take A Look At The Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Chris Brown over a January 2015 shooting was recently filed against the R&B star. The Alexander Law Group is representing one of the five victims in the shooting.

Paul Briley, 22, was permanently wounded in the foot after being hit by gunfire during the “Chris Brown’s Capricorn Bash” at The Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose, California.

“This shooting should never have happened,” said attorney Richard Alexander. “Brown’s managers and the concert promoters know that violence follows in Brown’s wake. Chris Brown controlled the terms on which he would work, right down to the food and beverages in his dressing room. He can and should demand the same level of security for his fans as his bodyguards provide for him.”

Here is how the case against Breezy is being laid out. Even he will have to admit, this just is not going to look good in a court of law. But remember as bad as this looks, Chris Brown is innocent until proven guilty.

It was highly probable that the “Bash” would pose a danger to the safety of party attendants, including the Plaintiff;

At least four or more violent events and/or shootings occurred at the Fiesta Nightclub within a year before the Plaintiff was shot;


In August 2014, during a party hosted by Brown, gun shots were fired at the 10AK nightclub in Los Angeles;


In September 2014 there was a stabbing at Supperclub in Hollywood after Brown performed which led to the Los Angeles Police Department’s attempt to ban Brown and his entourage from all nightclubs in the Los Angeles area;


From 2009 through 2015 Brown demonstrated contempt for the law by violating probation, leaving California without Court permission and committing acts of violence;


From 2011 through 2015 Brown’s public appearances were marked by violence, establishing a reasonable likelihood of violence at Brown events and confirming the hallmark of a Brown event would foreseeably be a wake of violence, guns and/or shootings.


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