UCLA Student Sums Up #BlackBruinsMatter Over Racist “Kanye Western” Frat/Sorority Party



Protests are taking place on the campus of UCLA, thanks to Kanye West themed a fraternity/sorority party that has sparked outrage.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity in the Alpha Phi sorority are coming under fire for their “Kanye Western” party, which featured student dressed like the rapper as well as his wife Kim Kardashian West.

Guests of the party rock blackface, while some of the females padded their butts in what is being largely seen as a mockery of Black culture.

Students of all ethnicities have banded together with the black students in support of the protest and in calling out Chancellor Gene Block’s lack of action.

“This is the type of behavior that perpetuate stereotypes against a vulnerable race of people and that I am absolutely not OK with,” wrote UCLA student Hanan Worku on her Facebook page.

“How dare a system that has been proven again and again to be RACIST appropriate a culture that perpetuates the murders of Black men and women every day,” Worku wrote. “Because the bottom line is when you go home, you can wipe off the ‘make up’ and go back to being White and receiving all the benefits of a system that permit you to engage in this type of behavior. We can’t.”

What makes the incident more disturbing is the fact that the party was hosted during “Black Bruin Week,” which is a series of events meant to help Black students network campus.


  We need everyone to know what’s going on at UCLA. Last night the SIGMA PHI EPSILON fraternity had a “Kanye Western” party where everyone dressed like “thugs”. Why can’t we catch a fuckin’ break. Why is the collective character of the Black community always under attack? Who sat down on their makeshift college couch and thought “hey with the current racial climate, this seems like a super duper good idea”? What were they thinking? Shout out to the Black Bruins who shut that shit down. Where’s the Daily Bruin? Oh, they’re writing articles about new classrooms in Dodd Hall… #UCLA #BlackBruins #SPE #WhatsGood? #Racist #StayInYourLane #YourSocksAndSandalsLane #SigEp #BlackFace #BlackLivesMatter #BlackBruinsMatter   A photo posted by ??Alexia?? (@lexi_lawless100) on Oct 7, 2015 at 11:20am PDT


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