Dee1 Is Giving Away Scholarships On “Knowledge for College Tour”

Dee-1, the former middle school teacher turned hip-hop artist and motivational speaker, will meet with students from 26 high schools at the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland’s annual Cleveland Goes to College kick-off event.

One student in the audience at each session will receive a $5,000 scholarship from Sallie Mae.

The event is part of “Dee-1’s Knowledge for College Tour” in partnership with Sallie Mae.

Born David Augustine, Dee-1 graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

After graduating, he taught middle school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before pursuing his musical dream and signing with RCA Inspiration records.

With “Sallie Mae Back,” Dee-1 brought a new lyrical twist to the hip-hop world: the promotion of financial responsibility.

He strives to be real, righteous, and relevant and to help young people achieve the dream of a higher education.

Dee-1 will visitKnowledge for College Tour” will visit Public Hall on Wednesday, September 20.