High Tech Buffalo Boss Restaurants Clocking Millions In Revenue Thanks To Jay-Z’s Advice

Jamar White, Buffalo Boss CEO, recently expanded the footprint of his organic buffalo wings quick-serve chain to the Simon Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Buffalo Boss was founded in 2010 by Jamar White and Ronald Lee.

The two had one goal in mind — create the best wing joint in town. Buffalo Boss wings are made from 100% organic chicken. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, and vegetarian fed chickens.

Buffalo Boss has four locations: Harlem, Brooklyn, the Barclay’s Center Arena and Jersey City, New Jersey.

White launched the chain’s fourth location amidst major players like Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Popeyes.

This is a great accomplishment considering the chain’s humble beginnings as “a scrappy little company that has always operated in the shadow of multi-national food chains.”

Born in a highly competitive fast-food environment in 2010, 0 square foot storefront just a few feet away from Five Guys and the busiest McDonald’s in downtown Brooklyn.

“We quietly built our customer base of local residents while the two behemoth burger franchises duked it out,” White recalled.

Last year, Buffalo Boss reported $2.4 million in revenue and is forecasted to reach $4 million in 2018.

White credits the company’s success to his commitment to innovation and valuable lessons learned from his first cousin, acclaimed hip-hop artist and business mogul Jay-Z.

Unlike many would think, White didn’t start his wing empire with a huge cash investment from his cousin.

Instead, Jay-Z acted as a steadfast business coach.

Buffalo Boss Self Serve Kiosk

“Having one of the keenest business minds in America in your immediate family proved to be much more valuable than money.” – Jamar White, Buffalo Boss Founder

White recalls Jay-Z testing his fortitude stating, “This is your company, let’s see what you can do with it.”

With that, he purchased a $60 projector, partnered with Ronald Lee, a 14-year fast-food veteran, and presented a rock-solid business plan to family and friends in Jay-Z’s mother’s living room.

They raised $100,000 to open their first location. Buffalo Boss did $82,000 in sales in year one, and more than tripled that in year two with revenue amounting to $288,000.

By year three the concept expanded to a second location with sales exceeding $1.2M. Buffalo Boss has thrived for over seven years in a very competitive fast-food market.

Recently, Buffalo Boss launched its 2.0 Self-Serve Kiosks – a wing industry first, and part of the company’s master plan to leverage technology to grow the Buffalo Boss brand.

“We have a vision that will revolutionize the wing space – self-serve kiosks – the blueprint for all locations in the chain,” White stated.

“These kiosks have completely changed the game,” says White.

Some of the immediate benefits include:

150% improvement in order speed and accuracy

8% increase in upsells

Controlled labor costs

Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty

“Our goal is to build on our successes and set the foundation for a national franchise,” Ronald Lee added.

White and Lee have an aggressive growth strategy which includes franchising the Buffalo Boss concept in late 2018.