10 Tips to Transform Your Online Branding

These 10 things are the least of what has to be considered by any brand whose imagery is represented online. If you want your online brand to have the desired impact, start here:

Understand Audience Perception

When we look at images, we don’t simply process offered visual information in a straightforward linear way. We apply our own personal life experience to it, our taste, our values, and our cognition.

Create Emotional Appeal

Photographs make us *feel* stuff. Properly positioned photographs will guide the viewer on an emotional journey during the sales process.

Stimulate The Senses

Photographs have the power to stimulate all of our five senses – vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Using that in marketing is akin to fueling your car with jet-engine fuel.

Inspire Action

Decisions are emotional in nature, and photographs are powerful tools when it comes to inspiring people to take action.

People Aspire To Transform

Showing viewers images of where they want to be after their transformation is achieved (i.e., how it will feel and what it’s like) is a powerful tool in connecting with your audience and earning their trust.

Show, Don’t Tell

Images communicate your brand’s values much better than talking about them will. Viewers quickly perceive shared values and create a strong connection to the brand without even realizing it.

Quality Speaks For Itself

A brand represented by quality images is taken more seriously by their followers. Skimping on visual quality results in loss of quality connections to your audience.

Master Your Body Language

In lieu of in-person interaction, photography provides a unique opportunity to create connection through body language. If you’re not aware of what your body is communicating in your brand imagery, you could be sabotaging customer connections.

Direct The Viewer’s Attention

This simple yet powerful technique has been used in the advertising world for ages: your image should clearly direct the viewer’s eyes exactly where you want them to go.

Don’t Forget Overall Brand Packaging

From location styling, to product packaging, to personal styling – every color, prop, and detail in your curated social feed and overall online presence is communicating your brand’s confidence and stability. Are you compromising or enhancing connection with your target niche?”

By: Irina Leoni – Founder, Dream Responsibly Productions LLC, Power Portraits

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