Check Out Marvel's New Team Of Super Heroes: The Fresh-Men

Inspired by AXE’s new Ice Chill products, AXE and Marvel have joined forces to create a new set of super heroes, The Fresh-Men – a collective of seemingly normal high-school students with super abilities meant to inspire teens everywhere to stay chill.
These new heroes show how young guys and girls are their most confident and attractive when they’re confidently cool.
AXE and Marvel fans will be able to watch this crew in action in the first chapter in an all new five-part video comic series online at
The Fresh-Men is a story that takes place at the Future Minds School of Science & Technology, one of the Wakanda outreach academies for inner city youth.
SuperDuperKyle, who previously partnered with AXE for its high school Senior Orientation program. KYLE will be joining AXE and Marvel at San Diego’s biggest annual comic and pop culture festival at the Interactive Zone on July 20th to meet fans, introduce The Fresh-Men and sign copies of the limited-edition comic book alongside the AXEmobile.
The Fresh-Men comic will also have an exclusive, complementary new soundtrack, produced in partnership with Mass Appeal – The Fresh-Men Mixtape featuring Dave East, Kodie Shane, 070 Phi, D Savage, Louis IV and Akilz Amari with original songs inspired by the characters and their superpowers.
Fans can stream the mixtape starting today on Spotify and at

“By creating a mixtape, we drew on our fans love of hip hop to further explore these characters and extend the experience, fun and enjoyment of the Fresh-Men to our fans.” – Mark Lodwick, Brand Director of AXE.

Working together to use their hidden powers for good (and fun) while navigating their own complex high-school world, The Fresh-Men comic follows:

Damian Garcia (Burner)

Damian is fireproof and can generate heat biologically, blasting projectiles of fire from his hands.

Alyssa Jordan (Windchill)

Alyssa generates cold, which manifests as wind or ice. She can also make water from the moisture in the air, or steam if she works together with Damian’s fire powers.

Danny Lee (Kid Vanish) 

Danny can make himself invisible, and while in this state he can pass through most solid objects. This power conflicts sharply with his desire to be the center of attention.

Emily Everheart (Override)

Emily has the power of communication. The nanobots coursing through her blood enable her to understand and speak any language on Earth – including computer languages.

Tyrell Taylor (Doubletime)

A superior athlete, Tyrell can either move really fast or slow down time, depending on who you ask.

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