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Aug 3, 2015

Dez Bryant Is A Changed Man And He Thanks Jay Z For The Transformation

Jay Z is not just a force in music. Now the mogul's business acumen is starting to rub off on one of the league's most high-profile stars, Dez Bryant!

Aug 3, 2015

Wyclef Gets Down To Business With Mayor of East Orange, New Jersey

Mayor Lester Taylor has made no secret of his hope to turn East Orange into a "destination city" for potential residents and visitors, and to help him achieve the goal, he brought in an entertainment pro.

Jul 31, 2015

Pete Rock Over Came Depression To Create One Of Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs

If it weren't for Pete Rock's triumph over a battle with depression, one of Hip-Hop's greatest producers might not have been so great.

A History Of On Field Conflict Between Toronto And Philly

Drake is the Raptors Global Ambassador, and friend to athletes from LeBron James to Andrew Wiggins to Serena Williams. And in each of this week’s salvo he has embedded references to Toronto’s sports glory.

Hip-Hop vs. Twitter: Are Artists Overexposed on Social Media?

The digital age has made some of the most sensitive, private information available at the touch of a finger. We live in a time where every fleeting moment and passing thought can be exposed to the world, making the concept of privacy a thing of the past.

Drake’s Interesting Week With Professional and College Basketball

While Drake was dealing with issues surrounding Meek Mill, the rapper was also being targeted by the University of Kentucky and a leak of his NBA jerseys!

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Jul 27, 2015

Vietnamese Rapper Says Fuck Communism; Could Face Prison

“Hardcore hip-hop” isn’t releasing yet another rhyme about cocaine and Glocks to titillate the American suburbs. Hardcore hip-hop is a...

Jul 16, 2015

Will El Chapo’s Beef Help Donald Trump Become President? Anything is Possible!

Donald Trump is not an even president of the United States, but he is caused an international crisis of sorts already.

Jul 15, 2015

Why Saint Louis Rapper Tef Poe Matters: By Talib Kweli

I had never heard of Tef Poe before that day. But here was this local artist, in the streets with the people, for real. I felt I needed to get to know him...

Jul 14, 2015

Could 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Filing Be Tossed? Check Out This Expert’s Opinion

When an individual or business files for bankruptcy protection, there is a legal protection against outside litigation that goes into effect immediately and automatically upon the bankruptcy filing. Is Fif using this to protect himself?

Jul 13, 2015

Inside The World of Suburban Drug Dealing

Compared to their urban counterparts, it was easier for the suburban dealers to give up dealing because they didn’t really need the money. Their parents were able to provide for them, so for these teens, dealing was never meant to be a career. It was just another phase on their way to becoming successful adults, which they had no intention of jeopardizing.