May 11, 2017

Boy Wow, Soulja Boy, Drake: Rappers Who Have Gone Viral For The Worst Reasons

Even though rapper Bow Wow has been caught this time, catching the rapper or other fake news writers in the act has proven to be rather difficult...

Nov 30, 2015

Forget Ice Buckets, Are You Going To Take The #CondomChallenge?

Over the past several years, the Internet has made it popular to take challenges on social media. The latest challenge taking hold is a bit harder to explain. It involves condoms, water and it is definitely funny.

Nov 27, 2015

There's A War Raging Over Your Data – Let Edward Snowden Explain How To Keep It Safe

Photo by: Adam Thomas Thanks to the terror attacks in Paris on November 13, a U.N.’s proposal to heavily police...

The Reality Is, Watching T.V. Just Isn't The Same Anymore

You don’t need a television to watch television anymore; this is a fact.  And, more people are cutting their ties with the cable company than ever before. Why be bothered with a TV or pay for cable, when video is available on your phone, your tablet, your laptop and even your game console?

The U.N. Is Trying To Police The Net In Order To Get Rid Of "Pandemic" of Violent Trolls

According to a UN's proposal, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will have to check in with the government and police their websites!

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Feb 28, 2015

Apple's Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Gets Excited About Net Neutrality Ruling

Glenn Beck who? Apple's co-founder breaks down why he's excited about the Net Neutrality ruling.