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May 7, 2017

New Brand Will Use Gucci Mane, The Weeknd and Fans’ Pee from Huge Music Festival To Make Beer

The 50,000 liters collected from The Roskilde Festival resulted in enough malting barley to brew around 60,000 bottles of Pisner beer...

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Oct 30, 2016

Halloween weekend creates risky mix of booze and boos

Infographic calls out dangers of Halloween drinking and DUIs

Feb 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Bob Marley…Now Smoke Some Of His New Weed!

Want to show your love for Bob Marley on his birthday? Well then smoke some of his new weed. Bob Marley’s birthday is on February 6. Marley Natural, the family owned business, just debuted several new cannabis products, taking full advantage of their father’s love for ganja and the emerging marijuana industry.

Jan 20, 2016

Forget Nukes, North Korea Has Hangover Free Liquor!

North Korean scientists claim to have created a hangover-free alcohol, the state-run newspaper the Pyongyang Times reported over the weekend. Dubbed Koryo Liquor, the alcohol is reportedly produced from a type of indigenous ginseng called insam and glutinous rice, and cultivated by an organic farming method, boasting an alcohol content of 30 to 40 percent.

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Dec 30, 2015

Lol, Australia Started the #StonerSloth Campaign to Curb Lazy Potheads!

Wether for or against Marijuana Reform we can all agree #StonerSloth is kinda funny. We all know one haha...

G-Eazy Explains How to Beat a Hangover

Ever drink too much and wake up feeling like crap? Will let rapper G-Eazy explain how to beat that nasty hangover. There's some science behind it!

Want To Stay Alert and Get That Work Done? Try Some “Durban Poison”

If you need to stay focused and desire to stay clear of the harder drugs circulating campus, you might want to look into the nefariously named marijuana strain “Durban Poison” that’s out on the market.

Is It Really That Much Fun To Drink Until You Black Out!?

“It’s honestly kind of fun to piece back together what happened that night,” journalism junior Jules Lawrence said. “It’s like [the game of] Clue — you have some pieces, but you have to figure out what all the other ones are.”

Nov 30, 2015

Want to Take Ecstacy? Watch This First…

Want to Ecstacy? Well check out this clip before you fry your brain. Seriously!

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Nov 27, 2015

And Here is Why DABS are not for Every Rapper!

Smoking dabs is not for the uninitiated. Check this classic clip of Roscoe from DPGC passing out...

Nov 18, 2015

Pill Poppin is Poppin On Campus! Better Watch That GPA

Transitioning from high school to college is the most difficult time for students, which explains why so many are drunk and high on liquor and pills when you troll through Instagram posts. The stress of that process is the reason drug, and alcohol abuse is so high, particularly among Freshman.

Nov 16, 2015

Freddie Gibbs’ New Strain Of Weed Will Turn Your Head and Space You Out

Freddie Gibbs just took his weed dealing game to a whole new level with his own Freddie Kane OG strand!

Nov 10, 2015

Young Democrats and Republicans Are Cool With Weed, They Are Against A Monopoly

The resounding "no vote" isn’t necessarily the damnation of marijuana legalization in Ohio even though young Republicans and Democrats were among those formally united to opposed the passage of Issue 3.

Nov 9, 2015

50 Cent Is Popping A Bottle Of The World’s Most Expensive Champagne On New Year’s Eve

Nestled in between the disses of Rick Ross (and now Vivica Fox) are pictures of 50 showing off a bottle of the world's most expensive champagne. He's saving for New Year’s Eve.

Oct 29, 2015

While President Obama Fights Opiates, The Radio Is Going Hard With The Drugs

Sippin Sizzurp and doing other opioid based drugs is a nation wide problem. Just turn on your local rap station to understand how bad the problem is!

Oct 27, 2015

Recovering Alcoholics Rejoice! Students Think Your Sexier Than People Who Don’t Drink At All

New data exposed the fact that the students viewed recovering alcoholics in a more positive light than those who completely abstained from alcohol use.

Sep 30, 2015

Underwater Smuggling Tunnel Discovered on U.S./Mexico Border

GOING HARD!!! Underwater Smuggling Tunnel Discovered on U.S./Mexico Border

Sep 26, 2015

Stanford University Science Team has Produced THC from Yeast, is Weed Beer Finally Here?

Stanford University Science Team has Produced THC from Yeast, is Weed Beer Finally Here?

Sep 24, 2015

Now, Students In Canada Can Get A Crash Course On How To Grow and Sell The Finest Weed

For the first time, Kwantlen Pokytechnic University in British Columbia is offering a course to prepare students in the country to be successful in the emerging industry.

Sep 22, 2015

Jeb Wasn’t Just Smoking 40 Years Ago, was He Slinging Hash?!?

Jeb Wasn't Just Smoking 40 Years Ago, was He Slinging Hash?!?

Jul 24, 2015

It’s Not A Game: Mandatory Drug Testing Comes To Electronic Sports League

Competing in video game tournaments has turned into a high-stakes competition, we're players can earn as much as $500,000. Now, the world's biggest game in league has taken steps to prevent cheaters from using drugs to have an edge over their rivals...

Jul 22, 2015

Joint Relief: Marijuana Helps Mend Broken Bones

Break a bone? Your doctor may soon provide you with an unexpected prescription – marijuana. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered that a component of marijuana “significantly helps heal bone fractures,” university officials announced.

Jul 13, 2015

Inside The World of Suburban Drug Dealing

Compared to their urban counterparts, it was easier for the suburban dealers to give up dealing because they didn’t really need the money. Their parents were able to provide for them, so for these teens, dealing was never meant to be a career. It was just another phase on their way to becoming successful adults, which they had no intention of jeopardizing.

Jul 3, 2015

Battling While High on Mushrooms

This is what happens when you go to Amsterdam, do some shrooms and try to battle rap.

Jun 22, 2015

Dizzy Wright Is Gonna Get It Lit

Rapper Dizzy Wright managed to light up his marijuana while he was crowd surfing!!

Jun 17, 2015

Here’s How Method Man Works Out Before A Show

Method Man might smoke weed, but you have to see how in shape he is in this video!

Jun 4, 2015

What It’s Like To Be Super HIGH

This humorous video takes a look at what it's like when you are not just high, but super high.

May 21, 2015

Young Buck’s Pee Won’t Even Matter, Thanks To New Drug Test

A man can't even smoke weed with Snoop Dogg in peace!? Young Buck got caught with fake pee during a drug test. This new FINGER PRINT drug test is on the way...

May 16, 2015

Is A$AP Rocky On To Something With LSD? Professor Wants To Find Out

[H]arlem, New York-bred rapper A$AP Rocky raised a few eyebrows when he admitted in a recent interview that he used...