Nov 19, 2018

This Is How Capitol Music Is Innovating With Coders And Developers

Capitol Music wants to innovate music and technology and take the business to another level.

Mar 6, 2018

This Is Why “Black Panther” Will Inspire More Women In STEM Fields

A business professor from the University of Maryland explains how "Black Panther" is inspiring young African American girls.

Dec 4, 2017

DJ Jazzy Jeff Biohacks His Body To Makes Beats For A New Project

DJ Jazzy Jeff revolutionized the turntable. Now he's revolutionizing bio-engineering.

Scientists Get Treated Like Rap Stars At The Breakthrough Prize

The world's top scientists, and mathematicians were honored in a Swanky ceremony in San Francisco.

Forget Earth, NASA Is Teaching African-American Students How to be “Spacefarers”

As governments, politicians and religious extremists fight for control of the earth, there's a new battle brewing in the final frontier - space. At the moment, NASA and private companies like Space X are engaged in a 21st-century space race to get to Mars, and they are using "spacefarers" to do it.

Why Do So Few Black Males Go into STEM Areas? Here’s What Made DeAndre Give Up

Dressed in a black hoodie and sagging jeans, DeAndre (name changed) swaggers down the street, singing loudly the gritty lyrics of a gangsta rap. This routine typifies DeAndre’s journey to and from school. Many of those watching DeAndre’s behavior during his school commute could assume him to be a thug and a gangster.

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May 24, 2015

Producer Teddy Riley’s About To Be A Dr. Too; Teaching Students At Georgia Piedmont Tech

Writing a hit record can pay off, even if it's later down the line. There's no way Teddy Riley could have predicted "No Diggity" would end up in an underwear commercial!