Dec 4, 2017

DJ Jazzy Jeff Biohacks His Body To Makes Beats For A New Project

DJ Jazzy Jeff revolutionized the turntable. Now he's revolutionizing bio-engineering.

Nov 22, 2017

How The Death Of The Hip-Hop DJ Spawned The Superstar Rapper

There’s now a huge, awkward elephant in hip-hop culture’s room: the ghost of the DJ.

Sep 8, 2015

Love Your Vinyl Now? Wait Til You Hear It On The Turntable Technics Is Designing

We know you love buying vinyl cause we do too! So check out this new turntable Technic is making so vinyl will sound oh so good!

Philly's Next Mayor Takes To Turntables As DJ Jimmy Jamz

The leading candidate to become Philly's next Mayor is spinning a Hip-Hop set for charity!

DJ Red Alert Schools New DJs

DJ Red Alert Schools the new DJ's in this interview.

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